Extra Large – Stack Lock


The fact that these containers can be recycled urges us to propose large containers for all those applications that can be converted to PET from polycarbonate and HDPE. Our solutions, from identification of the preform to making the container, are suitable for the following applications: WATER, COOKING OIL, SOFT DRINKS, CHEMICAL-INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS (FUEL, MINERAL OIL, PAINT), OTHERS.

A 360° solution is offered including:

• container design development

• preform design development

• identification of preform manufacturer nearest to customer’s production facilities

• complete solution development for both cold and hot filling

• manufacture of blow-molding machine and set-up to optimize production capacity

• design and construction of blower molds

• routine and extraordinary maintenance and provision of spare parts

• provision of injection molds and production of sample preforms by qualified partners SIAPI mold-blowing machines are fully electric with brushless motors, and they can all be configured with a blowing-air recovery system.

The Range of machines available is as follows:

SX1 sx3