Counter-pressure Electronic ISO EFS


Thanks to the evolution of the traditional counter-pressure filling system and to the years of study and successes of the EFS electronic machine, Ave Industries has launched the new technology of the Counter-pressure Electronic ISO EFS filling system.


This filling system guarantees:8 Elett ISO EFS 02(1)
1. the filling of carbonated products at the temperature of 20°/25°C;
2. an increase of the filling speed of 20%;
3. a precise and constant dosing;
4. a simple and quick change of the dose, thanks to pre-set doses available from the control panel;
5. the possibility of filling products with or without pulp;
6. a notable reduction of the maintenance time;
7. a notable reduction of the time needed to change the product to be filled;
8. a drastic reduction of the washing and sanitizing time.
In case the machine has to treat PET/PE/HDPE bottles, the filler can be equipped with a neck holding system.