Electronic EFS


Pressurized outside tank with variable-speed booster pump for controlling filling pressure and head. Ability handle three different process gases: pure CO2 at the filling pressure; impure CO2 returning from bottles during low-pressure isobaric filling, used in the bottle washing, vacuum-creating and pressurization stages; vacuum for the bottle pre-emptying and 80000 decompression stages.

This filling system avoids the contact between the container and the injector.
The electronic doser used is a dosing device based on the product conductivity and electric resonance principles.
This filling system guarantees:7 Elett EFS 01(2)

that the product flow runs from the feeding tank to the container through one tube only, without threading and without liquid stagnation points.

That during the filling phase the injectors do not get in contact with the container.

That during the filling phase, the air inside the container doesn’t get in contact with the product which is inside the feeding tank.

That the product dose can be changed simply by acting on the operator panel;

A high filling precision;

A very easy access to all of the components, allowing their removal for inspection and cleaning;

All the parts in contact with the product can be sterilised at a temperature of 120°C;

A reduction of the washing and maintenance time.

This system is suitable for an aseptic filling of the products.
In case the machine has to treat PET/PE/HDPE bottles, the filler can be equipped with a neck holding system.