Hot Filling FHP / Cold Filling FCP

FHPThe FHP/FCP liquid filler is suitable for hot (85°-95° C) or cold products such as diet products, isotonic drinks, fruit juices, mineral water, etc..
Gravity filling system with adjustable product recycling Machine made in the following versions: FHP/FCP gravity and level filling and EFS FHP/FCP electronic volumetric gravity filling system. Suitable to fill a wide range of containers like glass, PET, PVC bottles, etc.
Available in different versions and models to meet the requirements of every customer:
– FHP/FCP Filler
– Monoblocs FHP/FCP (filling and capping)
– Uniblocs FHP/FCP (rinsing-sterilizing, filling and capping).

Base5 Caldo FHP-FCP 02(1)

– Steel construction with corrosion-resistant epoxy paint
– AISI 304 stainless steel sheeding (316 on request)
– inspection lighting for routine maintenance
– key locked inspection hatches
– adjustable support feet for in-line positioning and levelling.

Work bench

With the following:

– central column(s)
– container infeed screw
– infeed and outfeed star-wheels and guides constructed in high resistance materials
– AISI 304 bottle conveyor
frame (316 on request)
– the work bench is constructed so as to allow partial or total product recovery.


– Bevel gears ensure efficient and noiseless operation
– movement driven by variable speed gear motor (inverter)
– work stations raised automatically by individual motors
– main working gear distributes the drive to the satellite gears (infeed screw star wheels and central column(s)).


– Easy access to the centralised distribution system located in the base. All internal and elevated parts can be greased from one station without being in contact with the filled product. External ducts are

AISI 304 steel (316 on request)
– optional automatic programming of the lubrication system.


Nozzle introduction into the bottle neck is mechanically operated, while the incoming bottle is exiting the starwheel.

– “mirror polished” finish of product contact parts
– filling nozzle in AISI 316 stainless steel or other material on request and in compliance with all sanitary regulations
– no bottle, no fill.
– the sealed container allows the product to flow into the bottle (once the pre-set level has been reached, the product is continuously recycled)

– manually adjustable nozzle for reducing the quantity of product being recycled (optional feature)
– manual or automatic adjustment of filling level (optional)
– manual or automatic CIP flow or counterflow setting
– can be connected to centralized CIP station
– hot or cold sterilization steam and/or cleaning products.

Custom specifications can be built in to meet any particular requirement.