Gravity Filling

1 Gravita 02(1)

Specifically designed for cold or hot filling of non carbonated products with low viscosity like water, juices, some liqueurs, vinegar, etc. The filling operation is carried out using only pure gravity without any vacuum pump or blower.

Once the pre-set filling level is achieved, the product in excess is re-collected to the filling tank.

The filling tank is completely manufactured in AISI316, as well as all the parts in contact with the product.

In case the machine has to treat PET/PE/HDPE bottles, the filler can be equipped with a neck holding system.

Apart from just supplying free starding fillers, all the systems can be supplied in mono-bloc version (filler/capper) or in unibloc version (rinser/filler/capper) by combining to the filler one of our rinsers and cappers.

To handle PET bottles our systems can be manufactured with neck holding system without changing any bottle handling parts.

Particular devices have been designed and can be applied to the various filling systems to reduce product contamination to the minimum.